3 comments on “The Nunnery Gate House on the Old Castletown Road in Douglas

    • Hi Eleanor

      Not sure if it is lived in or not to be honest!

      What a sad history this place has had with the IOM Government who are now considering selling it!

      Also can someone possibly confirm if this is the section of the Nunnery known as the Dolls House?!

  1. Hi no the east lodge isn’t known as the dolls house the dolls house is actually at the back of east lodge it was formerly called the mill house before becoming the dolls house . I’ve been in the east lodge many times in the past as I grew up living in south lodge the nunnery that’s at the top end of the nunnery drive on the old Castletown road my late father mr William Kenney was head gardener for fry Goldie taubman then later worked under mr Robert sangster it was delightful living at south lodge I would love to know the history of south lodge I know it dates back a good long while it must have a history for example date it was built etc .have you any information on it please . I was born and brought home first to the Bothy cottage situated near the nunnery chapel thanking you Sandra Germaine Watterson

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