The Archibald Knox Plaque In Sulby Village

I have literally drove past this lovey plaque so many times and have been unable to find it (located on the front wall between the cream and blue houses on image 2).

The sandstone (Knox) plaque says that King Edward VII, Queen Alexandra and Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria passed through this Kella Abbey Quarter in 1902 (The exact date was August 25th 1902).

Kella Mills is a few yards down the road as can be seen in image 2,  approximately 300 years ago it was a Flour Mill and Porridge Mill but more lately a Manx Whisky Distillery (Glen Kella).  Archibald Knox lived right next door and worked from his home circa 1900/04 – Info from Juan Vernon’s “Heritage Trail”

The images were captured on my Sony HX20V camera, resized and cropped  in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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Archibald Knox Plaque in Sulby - © Peter Killey













Archibald Knox Plaque in Sulby - © Peter Killey


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