One comment on “Ramsey Lifeboat 12-14 – Ann and James Ritchie

  1. I spent many happy days in Ramsey,in the late 1950s and in the 1960s.I looked forward to Ramsey Lifeboat Day with it’s flags and bunting and the tractor billowing smoke as it dragged the reluctant Lifeboat down the ramp into the sea.We spent our holidays in a large Victorian house,called “Regent House”which was run by a lady called Mrs.Kneale and situated on Queens Prom.
    In those days the Queen’s Pier was a great place to go and may be do a little fishing and now and again the Manx ferry boats would pay a visit.
    Halcyon days,
    Kind regards Barry Parkinson.(Formby ,the birthplace of the world’s first Lifeboat)

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