Another Stained Glass Window in St. Peter’s Church in Onchan

This stained glass window inside St. Peter’s Church in Onchan depicts Maughold Parish Church and the “Maughold Parish Cross” which is a 14th century St. Bees sandstone carving and is one of the earliest representations of the 3 Legs of Mann (apart from the 3 Legs inscribed on the Pommel of the 12th Century Manx Sword of State) it is also interesting to note which direction the 3 Legs are pointing!

I have taken a number of images of the stained glass windows in St. Peter’s and I will add them to over the coming months.

The image was captured on my Nikon S8200 Camera resized and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Maughold Church with the famous Maughold Cross in the foreground - © Peter Killey

2 thoughts on “Another Stained Glass Window in St. Peter’s Church in Onchan”
    1. I think there is about 5 Eleanor, I am also sure there is a story somewhere with regards to these Churches and hopefully someone can tell us 🙂

      Cheers Eleanor for your kind comments.


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