4 comments on “Overlooking the North of the Isle of Man (HDR)

  1. With audience, here it goes, a happy THANKYOU for the beautiful picture!! 🙂 God bless you!

  2. What glorious weather you are having…it makes me envious. We’ve almost forgotten what the sun looks like in a soggy Lincolnshire.

  3. Hi Peter, another great HDR shot, I still think the jury is out on this. Its hard to describe but I think the image is nice and not nice all at the same time!

    Cracking images though throughout your site Peter!


  4. Hi Paul

    Thanks for your valued comments, and I love the “nice and not nice all at the same time” 🙂

    HDR is a case of you either like them or do not like them and sometime they can alter the whole perspective of the image.

    I will continue to strive to get them right and that’s were I appreciate your feedback.


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