The Truly and Original Fairy Bridge…

The magical, mystical, beautiful and truly original Fairy Bridge at Kewaigue, Braddan.

Standing here made me feel like I was not alone, so eerie but so very peaceful…

There are trinkets placed in the wall and flowers all around, and as you can see there is a wreath placed at the top of the arch of the Fairy Bridge.

The below image was captured on my Fuji X10 camera resized and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS5

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The Real Fairy Bridge - © Peter Killey

3 thoughts on “The Truly and Original Fairy Bridge…”
  1. I think its kind of tacky that those things are getting placed their now as well as the “not real” Fairy Bridge. This was a special place of quiet and some resonance with old times long forgotten , who really knows where that road went, it just vanishes. I remember there was no tat there when we moved into Lough Ned

    1. No objection to the natural trinkets such as stones and shells but perhaps the fairies should remove the dummies which appear to have been ‘given’ to the fairies when their owners got too old for them?

  2. Hi Mike

    I sort of agree with you over the trinket stuff, but I disagree with your views that it was a special place, in my humble opinion it still is a very special place and I think you will find a number of people will agree with my views.

    Long live the Public Footpath from Opposite Kewaigue School to Port Soderick to this magical, mystical original Fairy Bridge 🙂


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