Kirk Christ Church – Lezayre

This beautiful church has always proved a difficult image for me to capture under the correct light conditions especially as this particular elevation faces North!

I also captured an image of this church in March 2004 click and I have to say that it appears the spire of the church is starting to show signs of deterioration and age, however I totally understand the massive cost of maintaining such a beautiful church, especially with shrinking congregations!

Kirk Christ Church - Lezayre © Peter Killey



  1. Eleanor

    Its certainly growing a good crop of weeds.

    It is a shame when there isn’t the money to maintain beautiful buildings like this

    • Peter_Killey

      Hi Eleanor, as you know I have a love for beautiful architecture on the Isle of Man, especially churches and often wonder how on earth do people afford to pay for the maintainence of such grande and beautiful buildings.

  2. Eleanor

    Dredging the depths of memory I seem to remember you had a web site of photos of churches with the aim of photographing all of them. I can’t find the web site and wonder if you managed this?

    • Peter_Killey

      Hi Eleanor, i am going to add (in time) every single church on the IOM to a new section of this website, you know my fascination with churches!! Peter 🙂

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