4 comments on “Firefighters and TT Marshalls TT 2011

  1. Hi ‘H’, we met in Benidorm. First in Lucky Saloon, and then later in Cafe Benidorm. Had NO idea you were such a big celeb.Such a nice down to earth guy. Anyway, an absolute pleasure to meet you, hope our paths cross again. Anne Thain, Callander, Scotlamd

  2. Hi ‘H’ probably repeating myself. Sorry, rubbish on computers. Anyway, we met in Lucky Saloon in Benidorm and then later at Cafe Benidorm, you probably won’t remember me but just wanted to say hi. You were such lovely guys. Hope you all had a great holiday, Fiona and I had a blast. If I ever make it to the Isle of man TT I will look you up for a visit.Can’t imagine you would ever want to visit Callander, Scotland but if so , then please feel free to pop in. Was lovely to meet you. Anne Thain. p.s. I’m not a bunny boiler or a stalker, just wanted to say hi.

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