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  1. It’s good to see Manxscenes back, Peter. You have been missed….

    There are some cracking pictures and I’ve enjoyed looking at them.

  2. What wonderful images…my great grandfather is from IOM and I have been a number of times. Your images make me want to visit again.
    Thanks for posting these.
    -Martina Keig Henderson

  3. Hey Peter! Glad to see Manxscenes is back, I’m a manx lad in exile and I would always look at your site when I needed a home fix! Glad I’ll be able to again, keep up with the cracking pictures yessir, all the best,Chris.

  4. Hi Peter,

    beautiful pictures. I am writing an article on the Island I hope to submit to a Norwegian newspaper. Is there any possibility of using a couple of your pictures?

  5. Peter,
    Love your photographs. I used to stay in Glen Vine in the 50’s and 60’s and return as often as I can. Very little changes. I used to attend Marown school on the hill where I was taught by a Mrs Kelly and Miss Gelling (Great teachers) and the cook was Olwyn (I think). Great times and your photographs keep me in touch with the magic island.

  6. Hello Peter,
    I am from the Netherlands and I have a look once a week here.
    It is a pleasure to see your stunning pictures from around the wonderful island Isle of Man.
    I’m a fan of the island and of your pictures.
    Greetings from the continent.

  7. Hi my grandad was from Kirkmichael
    I never met him, he died during WW1 but my great Aunt Eleanor Clague lived in a little cottage opposite St
    Michaels church she used to do the flowers from her beautiful garden for the church and she was the local midwife for years, I hear the cottage isn’t there now and would love any photos you may have of it.
    I haven’t visited since 1960s but still feel a pull towards IOM very much
    Wendy Warwick

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