4 comments on “Langness Lighthouse and Fog Horn on Langness Peninsula

  1. Great pictures again Peter. You are having some superb weather.

    I’m glad the ramblers won the battle of the footpath. Are the Clarkson’s still at Langness since this decision?

    • Hit and miss with the weather Eleanor!

      They are not in residence down there from what I gather and the cottages are now apparently holiday accommodation.

      Thanks as always with your comments Eleanor.

  2. When we were little in the 1950s my dad used to take us to the lighthouse and the keepers were always very patient about requests to go up the tower and see the light. We were even allowed out on the balcony at the top of the tower – no health and safety mania in those days just common sense and I remember dropping half crowns and sixpences off the tower and timing them to see which took longest to get to the ground – can’t remember the result. Actually it might have been at the Point of Ayre that we did this. We also visited the old ruined lighthouses on the Calf of Man before they were locked up and I remember there being a raven’s nest on one of the window ledges on the way up one of the towers.

  3. Lovely place to stay for a holiday
    The cottages are very nice to stay in as no longer owned by Mr Clarkson.

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