6 comments on “A Walk Down To Port Mooar Maughold (With Ted)

  1. The view of Maughold head is by far the best view in the world, and I have been around it! There is a house on the way into the village which I would love to live in. I was seriously ill around three years ago, but just looking at that view would have halved my recovery time. last time I was there was in September 2012 and spoke briefly with one of the Maughold residents. He walks his dog each day looking at this view. What a lucky man! I have an A3 picture hanging in my bedroom which reminds me until my next visit.

  2. I like the sheep shot. Taking it against the light could so easily have burned out all the highlights, but you cracked it. Well done!

  3. Hi Peter, I was born and raised in Ramsey, my wife and members of my family spent three weeks at the cottage 0n Port Mooar beach, had a great time, enjoy your pictures very much, cheers.

  4. My ancestors (Callow Balldromma-beg)farmed on a croft above Port Mooar, about where the hedgerows converge in the middle distance. No doubt they made the trek up this path many many times.

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