A Lovely Sunday Walk

Well what a sunny fantastic Sunday here on the Isle of Man so we took Ted up to Maughold and walked from the front door of Maughold Church to the beach at the foot of  ‘Gob ny Port Mooar’!

Firstly we were confronted by about 50 sheep being rounded up and being moved from one field to another, Ted was not happy and very quiet seeing all these white 4 legged things running up the footpath that he was walking on!

The walk was wonderful and sometimes a little scary on the headland down to the beach due to the steepness and slippery conditions.

Ted and Nick loved it and we spent a pleasurable hour or so on the beach and the headlands.

What a fantastic way to spend our Sunday afternoon and we were back home around two or so hours later.

Just below Maughold Church and on the way down to 'Gob ny Portmooar' - © Peter Killey













On the Headland at 'Gob ny Portmooar' and looking up to Maughold lighthouse - © Peter Killey


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