4 comments on “My First Attempt at HDR Photography – Port St Mary Inner Harbour

  1. Very interesting images Peter, certainly very bright colours and seems to give more depth perhaps? Not a really sharp image but as you say it is only a single image. I would be interested to see more like this as you experiment further.

  2. Thanks Paul, I agree with your comments and as such I am not 100% sure about Photomatix at present, I will try some more in due course, but at this moment in time I feel I am getting better results with Dynamic Photo HDR 5 as seen in the above St Marks Church image.

    Cheers Paul I appreciate your comments 🙂

    Speak soon


  3. Saturation is very subjective but to me the colours shout too loud! Similarly, while I use DPHDR a fair bit I think the church shot needs the effect reducing slightly. It’s probably to do with the original lighting but I find it makes too much of a “manufactured 3D” effect, as if cutout layers had been laid on top of one another. Keep at it, though, the views are great and you’re taking me back years!


  4. As ever, very pretty pics! Hadn´t seen them before! 🙂 Taking a tour at manxscenes.com!

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