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A walk along the old Northern Railway Line near to Ballacrye.

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On the Railway Line at Ballacrye © Peter Killey -


We went to the Southern Agricultural Show this afternoon, the sun was shining and it was absolutely jammed packed with people, stalls, animal exhibitions and kids rides and stuff.

I have added nine images which will hopefully give you a feel for all the fun that was going on in Great Meadow, Castletown, which according to the news could be the last year it is held down there due to the lease expiring.

One gripe for us is that all cars were chaperoned into a field opposite Great Meadow where there were literally thousands of cars, however when we came to leave the field it took us 1hr and 10mins to get onto the public highway due to the lack of any traffic management, there were some very unhappy motorists stuck in that field believe me!

Image No 1 shows a traditional Horse and Trap, Image No 2 shows an Indigenous Manx Loaghtan Sheep. Image No 3 depicts a traditional belt driven Bailing Machine, Image No 4 Dog Agility, Image No 5 Castletown Metropolitan Brass Band and image No 6 Daddy can i have a drink of Milk please!! Image No 7 A Shire Horse and colorful plumage, Image No 8 Short legged cows!, Image No 9 A beautifully turned out rider and horse being judged.

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Douglas Corporation Horse Trams are now in their 145th year of operation.

It is universally acknowledged that they are the oldest operating horse drawn tramway system in the world.

These three images depict an open topped single decked tram, a covered single decked tram and the unique double decked horse tram – (click images for larger view).

Douglas Corporation Open Topped Single Decked Horse Tram © Peter Killey







Douglas Corporation Covered Single Decked Horse Tram © Peter Killey








Douglas Corporation Unique Double Decked Horse Tram © Peter Killey