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Murrays Motorcycle Museum on the TT Course - © Peter KilleyI love the vibrant colours in this mural of Gary Johnson, the mural was painted by artist “Richie” in 2009 on the wall facing the TT Mountain Circuit at Murrays Motorcyle Museum at the Bungalow.

The image was taken on my Nikon D80 SLR with a Nikon 18-135 F3.5/5.6 G AFS DX lens at 32mm and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS5.


The entrance to the Royal Chapel in St Johns - © Peter KilleyThis image shows the entrance to the famous Royal Chapel at St Johns and its worth noting the direction of the Three Legs of Mann which is dated 1848 – (click image for larger view).

I have had many a debate over the direction of which way the 3 Legs of Mann should point, but ultimately the legs should point in the opposite way to which you can see here, the correct direction which can be traced back to the pommel on the Manx Sword of State in the 12th century should point in the opposite direction to this image! – Source

The image was taken on my Nikon D80 SLR with a Nikon 18-135 F3.5/5.6 G AFS DX lens, and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS5.


I took this image on the 2nd July 2011, the image shows the beginning of the demolition of the rear side of the once grande hotel which gracefully overlooked the northern part of Ramsey Bay.

The hotel, which first opened in 1897 as the Ramsey Hydro, closed its doors for the last time in February 2009, click here for an image that I took of the front of the hotel in September 2004 – (click below image for larger view).

I will ensure that a picture of the replacement hotel is added to the site when it happens!

The End - Grand Island Hotel - Ramsey © Peter Killey


A lot of people have recently asked me about what size of external Hard Disc Drive to buy and what sort of strategy to adopt in backing up your valued digital images, I therefore recommend you read the below information;

Seagate External Hard Drive...To be honest there is no real excuse for not backing up your digital image files, however if I am to be honest, I speak to quite a lot of photographers who sometimes forget to back up their digital images as they see this as a bit of a boring task, whereas they would prefer to be out there taking piccies.

All of my own photos are backed up at present. I have over 3 terabytes of personal storage. This sounds like a lot, but as personal storage devices or external Hard Disc Drives are so cheap you really cannot afford to be without one or even two.

Even with very large 10MB huge RAW files from my Nikon DSLR a 1TB external HDD will hold about 100,000 images. Most people don’t have 100,000 images so a drive like this is more than enough.

In fact, I would recommend that you actually buy two of them, use one as a constant back up at home, and use the other for a back up to your back up so to speak!

I have tried many different external hard drives, Maxtor, Cobra, Western Digital LaCie (LaCie’s are the worst) and Seagate’s have always performed the best for me.

The hard drive you have your photos on now *will* fail. Guaranteed. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. So do yourself a favor and if you’re work is not backed up, start backing it up.

Some people have said, well why not just back up your images onto DVDs or CD’s. I personally don’t like this strategy because it’s too much of a pain, because of that it doesn’t end up getting done as often as it should. With an external hard drive it’s portable and you can just drag and drop whenever you want to back things up. I organize my photos by day, so I can just drag over each day’s photos onto a back up drive.
You have been warned; get yourself a decent sized external Hard Disc Drive for your treasured digital images NOW!


William Joseph ‘Joey’ Dunlop 1952 – 2000

This memorial to the 26-times TT winner, who died while racing in Estonia in July 2000, is situated at the former Murray’s Motorcycle Museum at the Bungalow on the Mountain section of the world famous TT Course – (click image for larger view).

The statue was donated by helmet manufacturer Arai and is a twin to the statue in Joey’s hometown of Ballamoney.

Joey Dunlop King of the Mountain - © Peter Killey


The Winkie Lighthouse Point of Ayre - © Peter Killey This Lighthouse is the most northerly point in the Isle of Man and the image was taken on Sat 2nd July 2011 and shows a gentleman walking the long path to the Winkie Lighthouse – (click image for larger view).

The image was taken on my Nikon D80 SLR with a Nikon 18-135 F3.5/5.6 G AFS DX lens at 40mm and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS5.


I thought I would spend a little bit of time today cleaning the splodge on the sensor of my DSLR, there are a couple of methods to do this, one is to buy some sensor swabs and some sensor cleaning fluid and soak the swab then run it over the sensor!  My preferred choice is to lift the mirror and blow the sensor with my rocket air chamber which is free of charge.

Anyway after I had cleaned the sensor and the mirror and the lenses, I proceeded to take some pictures of the blue sky with the lens fully open (best way to check for bugs and splats on your sensor), much to my surprise it was clean again.

My advice is to clean your sensor about once a month and make sure your lenses are cleaned every time you have been out taking piccies 🙂

If you have any tips or tricks on sensor cleaning feel free to write a comment 🙂

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