6 comments on “Doarlish Ard Farm in Foxdale

  1. Hi Peter I did private message you on Facebook when this photo was on . Is it possible to purchase a couple of copies of this photo as my partner lived there as a child. Thanks Ann-Marie

  2. Hi peter

    I was just wondering where a outs on that picture would the well have been?
    A friend and I went there a few months ago, but couldn’t find where the well might have been. Maybe been covered up

  3. Peter,
    It has been several years since I wrote my first book and used some of your images in it. I have since written two other book in the same series, each incorporate the well at Doarlish Ard to enhance the story. If you like, I will send you an electronic copy of my book 2.

    You have really grown as a photographer. Love all the new pics.

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