5 comments on “The Old Northern Steam Railway Line – Ballacrye Gatehouse

  1. Two years ago I was just there, in the most lovelly island in the world! And now, I feel sooooooo deeply in the need of going there again! Can´t make it for TT 2013, tried to schedule for PArish Walk and didn´t get it too… One thing is certain: when I go, I will need your “guidance” to show me all this sweet and beautiful and charming places all around IOM. I can´t understand nor explain my passion for IOM… Peter, your scenes just make me feel closer to there… Thanks for such shots!! 🙂 Cheers from Brasil!

  2. hi i stayed in this house back in 1973 which at the time my gran was gate keeper. a couple of years ago a friend of my cousin let me in to have another look around it has been modernised and was completly different to the house i remember, i was glad to see it still had the thunder bucket toilet outside and the gatekeepers shed is still there, but behind overgrown bushes. i have a copy of the book which a couple of old pics back in 1972 where taken, to which my gran was in the pics.

  3. I passed by the Ballacrye Gatehouse a year ago. My first visit to the island … there for both pleasure and family history search. Crye is one of my family names. Found the family homestead, Ballacrye, and burial spot of a family ancestor at St. Patrick’s in Jurby. Glorious and life-altering trip! Fell head over heals in love with the island. Will definitely return, don’t know when, but it will happen. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

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